Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Saturday we came back from San Diego we had our ward Easter party. The primary put on a presentation that was really sweet. Henry was excited to talk into the microphone and give the part he memorized. 

 He was even more excited when he won the raffle and got this giant basket.
 On Monday before Easter we talked about the true meaning of Easter and went through some old Ensigns and cut out pictures that remind us of the true meaning of Easter and made our 'Easter Tree'
 Then Henry used Thea's pants to look like a bunny...
 Saturday morning the kids got their easter baskets and the parents and grammy got some goodies as well. mmm.

The kids had fun playing with their toys and we had a fairly normal Saturday otherwise.

On Sunday we enjoyed our lilies, going to church and having my brother over for dinner. It was a good Easter. =)

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Maren said...

That Easter tree is a great idea! Thanks. And I love your dress so much.