Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miss Thea at 9 months

 The only pictures I took on the actual day she turned 9 months, April 6th. 
Most everything still goes into the mouth. Henry never did this. When does that stop, anyone? 

It really is fun having a girl. I even attempted to paint her little piggies, didn't do a great job but it was still fun.
 Dorothea is now cruising around, pulling up on everything and is practicing letting go and standing. She has been and still is so much more a baby than Henry ever was that's is almost strange to see her getting so mobile. The funniest thing is to she her lazy, bum leg scoot when she thinks she has pretty much reached her destination she tucks one leg under and scoot crawls.
She is still quite the little chatter box and she and Henry love to 'squeak' at each other. She's also a big fan of clicking with her dad and loves making the sniffy face at anyone she can. She was going through a yelling phase whenever we'd sit down at the table but thankfully she seems to be over it for the most part now.

 She loves to clap and will wave but usually has a 10 second delay on it from the time you tell her bye bye or hello or wave at her. It was funny the other night when I took her in to say good night to my brother and his wife who are visiting and she didn't wave good night until we got back into our room.
 (mid sniffy face)

 She is just growing and developing so quickly now. One second it's fun and the next it's sad.

One thing I can't seem to get her to out grow is sleeping in our bed. She is finally starting to do better but for about a week she would only sleep 30 minutes in her crib then wake up and scream until she was put into the bed. Any magic tricks for getting them to sleep in the crib? I tried letting her cry it out and she'll pass out from crying after about 30 plus minutes but as soon as she's slept for 10 or 15 it's up again screaming.
 She will still eat anything and everything she is given but avocado in cottage cheese seems to be a favorite, aside from anything sweet she can get a taste of, like when we went to frozen yogurt the other day.
 She has now had her first ear infection, poor thing didn't really complain so I didn't know until we were at the doctors. Now she seems to be fine, though we have to go have a blood draw done to check on her iron before her next appointment. I can't believe how good she is with shots. This last time she didn't even make a peep while or after she was poked.
While she has always been a mommy's girl we are getting into the separation anxiety phase for sure. She is still pretty good going with Johann and most of the time my mom but other than that it is a pleasant surprise if she will go with anyone else.
That's about all I can think of that is new with our little miss. It feels like she has always been in our family but I still can't believe she is going to be a year so soon. 
We love you Miss Thea! 


Maren said...

That sniffy face is adorable! We still haven't figured out the bed thing either. With endurance and time we've gotten to the point where he does about half crib/half our bed, but when he wakes up he screams nonstop until we get him. I'm just hoping it's something they outgrow eventually...

Joshua and Rachel said...

Oh my she is so cute and getting so big! I sure wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often.

Colby Bair said...

She is adorable! Her chubby cheeks just melt my heart!