Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break in San Diego:Harbor Cruise, Memories and Surfing

Thursday morning we headed to San Diego harbor to take a cruise of both the north and south side. It was fun being on a boat but Henry was kind of full of it the whole time and it was still pretty cold and grey. Overall it was a little disappointing because we were all looking so forward to it but it still had it's good moments, especially the first half of the trip when the boat wasn't full of asian tourists lining up to take pictures of Dorothea. I may need to get her some color contacts. They are always polite but man it is unnerving. Johann said he doesn't let it bother him since most of them were japanese and he felt bad about Hiroshima and Nagasaki still, like he was on the Enola Gay or something (he was watching a documentary on it over break ha)... 
My mom had driving out earlier in the morning to join us for a little mini break for herself too. 

Our ship 

 The passengers

USS Midway museum. I think we would have had a better time visiting this museum. I think we'll need to go the next time we're out in SD.  

 Star of India

A ship they used in Pirate of the Caribean  

Big submarine 

 Heading away from SD

After the tour we went to El Indio, a favorite mexican place that we use to go to all the time with my dad and which my parents went to when they lived in San Diego and Cardiff by the Sea. 

Following lunch we went back to the hotel where Johann got ready to go surfing with his buddy Jeff who lives near and works in San Diego. They had a good time except for the part where the front of Johann's board broke off. =( But he was still able to be out in the waves and spend some time with an old friend which is so nice.

While Johann was surfing my mom and I headed to Cardiff with the kids. My mom and dad lived in Cardiff when they were married and had their first home there together. It was fun going and seeing some of the areas my dad writes about in his journal since I've been reading it.

We also had to be sure to stop by VG's Donuts. When we would go to SD and the beach as kids we'd almost always have dinner at El Indio or Besta-Wan Pizza (I heard it's kind of grody now) and then go get a donut at VGs. They were so yummy.

The church building my parents attended

We drove around trying to find their old house but my mom couldn't remember the exact street name. It looks like we drove all around it but never managed to get to it. It was still fun to see the neighborhood though. 
Next we went back towards SD and went to visit with the family of girls I babysat growing up. Their mom had to work but we got to see them and their grammy and it was so good to see them and hear how they're doing. We had dinner together then went back to the hotel. 

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