Tuesday, April 23, 2013

101 in 1001

Recently one of my friends decided to do 101 goals in 1001 days. I didn't make any resolutions or goals this year and I've felt a little sad about it and decided I should hop on her band wagon and do the 101 in 1001. It was really good for me because it helped me realize how unambitious I have become. It was a struggle to get to 40 then I finally remembered there is more to life than making it to bedtime and was able to really get going. I finished the list a while ago (compiled it on my phone) but I'll go ahead and mark tomorrow as my starting date. 

Start date: April 24rd, 2013. 
End date: January 20th, 2016
1.Finish Anne of Green Gables series

2.Go a month with no treats.

3.Sew something
4.Take family pictures
5.Write a short story
6.Transcribe dads journals
7.Send out Christmas cards
8.Entire family dress up for Halloween
9.Welcome a new member of the family
10.get a pedicure with Thea
11.Purchase a new vehicle
12.Have a mommy son day
13.Have a mommy daughter day
14.Go a week without any electronic device present at dinner time (cell phones)
15.Have a 'golden day'
16.Visit 2 states I've never been to
17.Find an ancestor
18.Hand write 3 letters
19.Sleep 8-9 hours, seven nights in a row
20.Learn how to grill
21.Unplug completely for a day
22.Reread the Old Testament
23.Reread the New Testament
24.Study church history in depth for a month
25.Watch the sun rise
26.Eat somewhere 'famous'
27.Join or form a book club
28.Attend 3 temples never before attended
29.Go to a museum I've never been to
30.Purchase an original piece of art
31.Make 50 new recipes
32.Blog every day for a month
33.Attend a lecture
34.Attend a class
35.Get a hobby
36.Go on a bike ride
37.Go on a boat ride
38.Go on a hike
39.Learn and acquire a new 'board' game
40.See hot air balloons take off
41.Go to Disneyland with the kids
42.Go camping
43.Visit a national park
44.Make a birthday cake from scratch
45.Spend a day at the beach
46.Organize the sheds
47.Grow an herb
48.grow something outside
49.Write a poem
50.Read Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit in a day
51.Watch 5 foreign films
52.Get a pet
53.Go to the movies 10 times
54.Develop a family tradition for Christmas
55.Develop a family tradition for Easter
56.Do a family service project
57.Read the Book of Mormon w/Henry
58.Watch fireworks
59.Go to a parade
60.Go on a mini vacation w/Johann
61.Take the kids to play in the snow
62.Get a massage
63.Take part/attend a community event
64.Attend a play
65.Attend an opera
66.Attend an orchestral or symphonic concert
67.go to a fair
68.Go apple picking
69.Do all the planning for a date w/Johann
70.Teach Henry how to prepare 2 different meals
71.Make a memory scrapbook/album for Thea
72.Visit Solvang
73.Visit a mission
74.Go to the Provo Tabernacle Temple
75.Go to a water park
76.Do a swim class with Thea
77.buy a family Christmas ornament
78.Visit Hearst castle
79.Make a pie from scratch
80.Write/send a package to a missionary
81.Go to a baseball game and don't complain
82.Do 50 crafts/activities with the kids from Pinterest
83.Attend the church service of another faith
84.Find something worthwhile at a garage sale or thrift store
85.Write a story for Thea and Henry
86.Get a picture of all the grand kids together
87.Go through the entire yoga book
88.Read 50 books
89.Organize file box
90.Do YW personal progress
91.Read a novel with Henry and 300 books with Thea
92.Frame pictures for Johann's office
93.Organize master closet
94.Create a writing notebook/blog something
95.Make the car travel friendly
96.Have a picnic
97.get to know one of my neighbors
98.Ride a horse
99.Read BoM along with Christ and the New Covenant
100.Memorize 50 scriptures

101.Invite 5 other families/couples over for dinner 


Mary said...

Love it! You have so many good ideas! Solvang has been on my short list of places I want to visit. So fun!

Maren said...

This is cool! I want to do a lot of these too. Next time we go to California I'll have to look up Solvang and Hearst. I want to have a book club too. I wonder if virtual book clubs are a thing? :)

Melissa said...

This is a GREAT list. I may be stealing it :) I miss you!!!