Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break in San Diego: Balboa Square

We had another nice, slow morning once we woke up. You can see the bebe didn't mind. :) 
The only downside was that Johann woke up to his cold being full blown; that brought the count to 4 colds while on our trip, sadly. 
After some relaxing we got up and got ready to head out to Balboa Square, probably my favorite day of the vacation. 

First we went to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. I think this is the best museum we've ever taken Henry to. Everything was hands-on and we stayed there longer than we planned because he was having so much fun.

I loved this tornado machine-so cool! 

Check it out-San Diego Temple! 

Right before we saw an IMAX movie about the Canadian Pacific Railroad. It was gorgeous. Henry didn't like that the movie was "too big on the ceiling" though ha. 

There was a bit of a line for this-aging yourself naturally in comparison to if you smoked or were in the sun too much. This is Henry at 70 if he is in the sun too much. ha. Check out those eyebrows! 

Hard to see but that's Thea's little hand print. 

This was SO cool-you control the drop of a large metal ball into water, it videos it and you can play the video forwards and backwards and control the speed to you can see what the impact looks like. 

A recording of you moving or dancing that plays itself forwards and backward, fast and slow motion. 

Finally we convinced Henry that there was so much more to see and that we should grab lunch.
This was probably one of the nicest parts of the day, eating lunch together in the beautiful plaza, watching the waterfall and talking about all the things we had done at the museum.
and daddy gave Thea her first taste of ice cream and chocolate. She kept her eyes closes like that the whole time she was tasting it. I think she was in Heaven. 

The plaza 

After lunch we hopped on the trolley to see around the square and head over to the Air and Space Museum. 
In addition to their normal exhibits they also had a Ripley's Believe it or Not exhibit. Some of the stuff was lame or gross but there were lots of fun things in it too like the Bumblebee statue we saw. Henry was sold on the museum the second he saw it. 

The tire from the Endeavour. 

By far one of the boys' favorite things-the capsule they sent the first chimp into space in. They had watched all about it a few months before. 
oh, Canada. 

Red Baron's medals 

Made from toilet paper! 

The museum's prized possession-one of the Blue Angels. 
The curator started talking to me in the Ripley's exhibit and told me to make sure we saw this and chatted about how all the kids loved the roller coaster piece in the exhibit. I smiled and nodded and had nothing intelligent to say or ask when he asked if I had any questions. Fail. 

It was a pretty neat museum but sadly part of it was blocked off for a private event. Henry still had fun sitting in a helicopter and all sorts of things like that. 

We left just as the museum was closing and it was time to head back to the hotel. Wish we had had more time in Balboa Square, it's such a neat place. Hopefully when the kids are older we'll be able to attempt some of the art museums too. 

On the way back we needed to stop from some supplies and went into this two story target with the a cart escalator. How cool is that? 

Once we got back we ate and went to bed to recharge for the next day. 

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